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Construction Industry is one of the fast growing industries in this era. The advantage with this group is, operations are a continuous process and there is a wide scope of growth & development. These lists are so responsive and potential enough to generate high profits. The list is designed in a perfect manner to address your targeted customer base precisely.
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Construction Sand & Gravel: Establishments primarily engaged in operating sand and gravel pits and dredges, and in washing, screening, or otherwise preparing sand and gravel for construction uses.
  • Common sand mining
  • Construction and mining
  • Gravel mining
  • Pebble mining
Building Construction-Gen Contractors: This major group includes general contractors and operative builders primarily engaged in the construction of residential, farm, industrial, commercial, or other buildings. General building contractors who combine a special trade with the contracting are included in this major group.
Heavy Construction except Building: This major group includes general contractors primarily engaged in heavy construction other than building, such as highways and streets, bridges, sewers, railroads, irrigation projects, flood control projects and marine construction, and special trade contractors primarily engaged in activities of a type that are clearly specialized to such heavy construction and are not normally performed on buildings or building-related projects. Specialized activities that are covered here include grading for highways and airport runways; guardrail construction; installation of highway signs; trenching; underwater rock removal; and asphalt and concrete construction of roads, highways, streets and public sidewalks. Establishments primarily engaged in specialized activities that may be performed on buildings or on other heavy construction projects are classified in Major Group 17.
Heavy Construction, NEC: General and special trade contractors primarily engaged in the construction of heavy projects, not elsewhere classified.
Total Records Available: - 372,876 Business Executives
Industry Based Counts: -
SIC Industry Records SIC Industry Records
1442 Construction Sand & Gravel 2,124 1629 Heavy Construction, Nec 11,805
15 Building Construction-Gen Contractors 118,730 1600 Heavy Construction Contractors 435
16 Heavy Construction Except Building 39,741
17 Construction-Special Trade Contractors 181,351
Company Revenue Based Counts: -
Sales Records Sales Records Sales Records
45,489 27,054 5,572
37,892 17,578 1,791
36,156 15,201 702
29,104 14,858
Breakdown By Employee Size: -
Sales Records Sales Records Sales Records
39,032 41,515 7,700
29,828 30,950 2,657
52,534 9,881 15,557
75,683 6,428
Construction-Special Trade Contractors: This major group includes special trade contractors who undertake activities of a type that are specialized either to building construction, including work on mobile homes, or to both building and no building projects. These activities include painting (including bridge painting and traffic lane painting), electrical work (including work on bridges, power lines, and power plants), carpentry work, plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, roofing, and sheet metal work.
Breakdown By State: -
state Records state Records state Records state Records state Records
AK 1,147 HI 1,230 MI 10,075 NV 3,059 UT 2,146
AL 5,029 IA 3,388 MN 6,698 NY 12,735 VA 11,027
AR 1,973 ID 1,709 MO 6,296 OH 16,805 VT 707
AZ 12,426 IL 17,121 MS 2,475 OK 2,786 WA 8,646
CA 51,660 IN 6,964 MT 891 OR 4,514 WI 6,533
CO 7,907 KS 3,147 NC 13,074 PA 13,627 WV 910
CT 4,094 KY 3,449 ND 750 RI 858 WY 539
DC 867 LA 5,473 NE 1,888 SC 4,132
DE 1,582 MA 9,508 NH 1,362 SD 646
FL 32,781 MD 11,212 NJ 7,586 TN 5,965
GA 15,534 ME 1,675 NM 1,648 TX 24,642
Job Title Available: -
Titles Records Titles Records Titles Records Titles Records Titles Records
CEO/President 78,469 CFO 6,319 CIO/CTO 1,258 COO 938 Chairman 2,127
Owner/Partner 67,937 Vice Presidents 36,684 Directors 14,065 IT Executives 16,838 Sales Executives 9,327
Marketing Executives 7,008 HR Executives 12,522 Operations Executives 5,105 Finance Executives 23,954 Business Development Exec 660
Controller/Comptroller 4,643 Corporate Secretary 4,189 Treasurer 8,434 Managers 52,254 Purchasing /Procurement 2,831
Administration 3,438 R and D Exec 103 Others 13,793

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